Modern tots

This pinterest board has the most enjoyable captions I’ve seen. #RugratFashion

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

“Quinoa and her BFF Chevron like to drive in vintage cars out to the desert, park them, and take a bunch of pictures looking pissed off.” — Tiffany from

I lied

So, I was all amped to blog again, on February 20, apparently. Somehow, three months slipped by. Wowee. I’ve been on a sabbatical the last couple months, and loving it. But it’s time for me to really get cracking. I won’t go into too much of my top secret thoughts, at this point, but I’m happier and I love my friends and family’s support in my zany life decisions. I know I’m being vague. So in sum, I’ve hopped on to multiple spirals, mostly upward, a few downward, but yes, MOSTLY upward. 

I’m resurrecting the machine knitting life. My class starts in the first week of June. I had started machine knitting a few years ago, before I moved to SF, and never completed a garment 100%. Right now, my knitting machine, the LK 150, is neglected in its box, under my loveseat, and I’m excited to give it the love it deserves. I even bought a new craft table, just for such knitting and sewing activities.



Yes! It folds up into the wall when not in use. So essential in this small apartment I live in. Isn’t it romantic? However, I still haven’t mounted the desk, because I realized that this is a project that requires more than one person. At first, I was so excited, I tried doing it myself, and it was slapstick funny. Too bad no one but my bruises and I could tell the tale. But yes, I’m excited to get some friends to help me mount this mofo.

I’m charged and in large

I miss blogging. I’ve decided to return to that amyrottencore-ness. I’m not sure what that means but I’ll just be saying stuff, and seeing what happens. I’m also doing the healthy thing, turned up a notch, so I’m not gonna write much more this evening, since it’s already 9:29 pm, and I ought to shut down the computer. But for my enjoyment, here’s a picture of Kylie and me doing cardio on Christmas. No joke, after this episode, I changed from that plaid woven blouse (seen below) to a t-shirt, so I could sweat and move freely while raising my heart rate. 



Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a knight to remember

Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a knight to remember.

The prettiest ladies

I’m a huge fan of both these ladies, Chloe Grace Moretz (I own the Kick Ass DVD) and Suzanne (I just so happen to be wearing my honeyhoney tshirt right now). I’d say more, but I’m sleepy, so I’m just gonna let this lookalike speak for itself. Goodnight!


I’m taking song requests

I’m taking song requests. Thanks @WendyWMusic for the new gear! DJ-Nano.jpg

Staring at the Sky, Staring at the Sun…plus sun cast tormented souls

Greetings! The theme for today is SUN. Gotta love that darn ball of fire. I mean, in these uncertain times, it’s nice to know that a girl can get vitamin D for FREE, rather than paying for supps.

I assume all of you were stoked on last Sunday’s solar eclipse. I was! Fortunately, Ryan and Fabiola hosted a lovely BBQ during the eclipse-viewing hours, so I got to enjoy the radness amongst friends who embrace this astronomical occasion, and the efforts involved in viewing it safely. I didn’t have my “real” camera with me, but I managed to snap a few with my iPhone. I was comfortable in my patio chair, so I made no effort to get up and move closer to the action, so the close-up pictures are less than crisp. Still, I’m happy that I captured the team effort in the main picture here. And check out the faces of tormented souls in the upper right corner. Apparently, they’re not that stoked on the eclipse.


The following are not eclipse related, but I took these pictures of the sun about a month ago during a lovely Sunday evening stroll.

almost sunset.jpg



And of course, I gotta thank the Cure for being such an influence during my youth, and still inspiring me today, as shown in today’s blog post title. “Staring at the sky/staring at the sun” are lines from their song about Albert Camus’ The Stranger, which you may listen to in the video below: